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The World Within Me and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Peter Houghton has for many years been a counsellor in palliative care. Start reading The World Within Me on your Kindle in under a minute.
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Published London ; Philadelphia, Pa. Language English. Creator Houghton, Peter. Physical Description p.

The Journey Within → Seeking Spiritual Reality Through the Power of Cosmic Energy and Meditation

Subjects Houghton, Peter. Spiritual biography -- England. Catholics -- England -- Biography. Catholics -- England. Summary "In this thoughtful and profound account Peter Houghton charts his personal quest for the spirit. I was raised in the Christianisms; my parents dabbled in Catholicism, Presbyterianism, Christian Science, and denomination non-specific paths. The idea of there being a singular God is something I cannot understand on a pretty fundamental level.

I think that God can change from one person to another in respect to their own relationship with God. We are to each other what we need the other to be in our own experience. Certain realities are shared and exist as a mutual understanding or agreement sometimes so that we can relate to each other. But these agreements do not make it truth. I started my spiritual journey when I was I realized I felt most connected to the Spirit when I was out in Nature. I became interested in Pantheism.

Since then I have become very interested in exploring many religions and spiritual beliefs.

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I enjoy reading about paganism which is not what everyone imagines it to be , Native American beliefs, Buddhism, Taoism, and the teachings of Jesus. However, I am confident that I already know the bases of what I believe in, and I will always be quite spiritual. I do believe in God and the after life and I do believe in human dignity and being nice to others. But I do not believe in any particular religion, especially when I see how each religion was or has been used by the hypocrites. As a happy spiritual atheist with interest in Buddhism and Be Here Now, I encourage you to reflect on how using male pronouns for god affects our view of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Constant cultural references to a male god are not innocuous; they are an insidious aspect of gender hierarchy. While I am sure you discussed a male god with no ill intent, it is important to be aware of the beliefs we are perpetuating. For anyone who thinks this is a ridiculous consideration, please ask yourself why you are comfortable excluding half the population and probably most races from our divine imagery. I grew up in a house with two religions. I was called to serve in Florida for 18 months. I arrived at my understanding of spirituality while I was serving my mission.

Three months into my mission I received the horrible news from home that my dear and oldest brother had been murdered, my world collapsed for a moment. The pain, the anger, the despair and the doubts started to creep in into my soul. For the first time in my life I started to question God and my believe in him but not for long.

During my darkest hour I felt his Holy Spirit comforting me with all the love he had to offer, a love so powerful that I will never be able to explain. I just knew that I wanted others to feel the same love, the same peace that I felt.

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I grew up so much spiritually by forgetting about myself and focusing on the spiritual needs of those around me. I will always miss my dear brother who departed so soon from me.

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I will be forever grateful that my parents planted in my heart in an early age that I was loved by God and that I was never alone. This knowledge has been my anchor in this life. So I went through a trial that I later saw was a huge blessing. I had a brain tumor in the pituitary gland and I was vomiting and sick for a year. It got so bad I was in the hospital in an IV drip for fluids. I was so tired that I would fall asleep in the middle of the day very day and I felt like I was barely alive.

I was backed to a corner with no way out. My life is yours. Next morning I woke up, like a new person. The next day I had a scheduled MRI scan and when the doctor called me she said there was no tumor whatsoever to be found. He is a living God and everything the Bible says is true. Vappu, thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. I am so grateful that your tumor disappeared. I believe in miracles and you were blessed with a wonderful one. I wish you a long and healthy life :. I grew up attending various Protestant churches, and there are a number of aspects of Christianity that I still agree with.

Last winter was an extremely dark and challenging time for me, and I was blessed to have a friend who was there for me the entire time. When I asked about it, this friend shared their spiritual perspective, which is much more eclectic, and more abstract. They explained Zen to me, and recommended a couple of books by Thich Nhat Hanh. I found that this fit well with the understandings that I maintained from Christianity, and helped me to learn and grow during such a difficult time in my life. I think that love and God may well be the same thing, and at our core, love is also who we are.

I learned of religion through nine years of parochial school. I learned of spirituality through twenty years of rearing children and twenty years of nursing those with disease. It is through my children that I truly learned what spirituality meant. My spiritual journey began 3 years ago when my twin sister suddenly died of an aneurism. We were 17 at the time. I had been suffering from panic attacks lately when I would begin to contemplate the idea of death.

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  • So one day I prayed to god and asked him to help me understand and overcome my fear of death. And left it at that. The day she went into the hospital was on the 13th and she died a week later on the 20th. I began to look for answers and meaning in all that had happened. I was full of grief, pain, I was confused but I knew that god had a purpose for all of this. So it began with the numbers. And the number 20 which represents judgement, rebirth, starting anew.

    Spiritual Consciousness: A Personal Journey

    I knew this was a message to reassure me she was ok. I died as well that day. My whole identity was wrapped into us I never experienced being an individual up until her death. I had no concept of it.

    And the world was a totally different place for me. I was ackward, alone, and full of pain so I suppressed it with drugs and alcohol for about a year and a half. My life was going down hill. Once I started to let my self grieve and feel the pain of losing her it transformed me. I found myself and in doing that I found god and I can see what life and death is about.

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    They are just different aspects of the same thing. We are the the percieved and the perceiver. We are love, we are god, we are consciousness becoming conscious of itself. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed this is what god is! Sorry if I babbled on but I feel amazing everytime I think about it. God is you and god is me. And we are love.

    Be blessed! My heart goes out to you for the loss of your sister.